About Catheryn Collins

My love and respect for the timeless traditions of heirloom sewing were discovered as I searched for a christening gown for my first child. Unsatisfied with the offerings of local department stores, I stumbled upon a quaint shop called SARAH HOWARD STONE, INC. and my love for all heirloom clothing began. Beginning in 1993 under the tutelage of Sarah Howard Stone and Melissa Stone in Montgomery, Alabama, I developed a passion for and knowledge of French hand sewing.

For eighteen years, I created over 500 custom garments for Sarah Howard Stone, Inc. Both Sarah and Melissa shared their wealth of knowledge of French hand sewing with me equipping me to produce items worthy of the Sarah Howard Stone, Inc name and standards. Working for both of them developed within me an unique style and design sense as well as an uncompromising devotion to the art of French hand sewing. The importance and beauty of time honored French hand sewn techniques such as hand rolling and whipping, overall construction of dresses and gowns by hand, and detailed hand embroidery set my work apart.

Upon the closing of Sarah Howard Stone, Inc., I began my own French hand sewing business in 2012. The overwhelming response and success of my shop has been both rewarding and encouraging, but also very humbling. I will forever be grateful for the investment that both Sarah and Melissa made in me and for the encouragement that Sarah continues to give. My hope is that in viewing my work you will fall in love with the timeless art of heirloom sewing just as I did so many years ago.