Rayon Madeira Multi-Color Thread No.40 (200m)

Rayon Madeira Multi-Color Thread No.40 (200m)


Rayon Madeira Multi-Color No. 40 thread is perfect for machine embroidery.  This soft thread with a silky appearance is great for quilting, decorative stitching, and embellishment.  


This mulit-colored machine embroidery thread has a high tensile strength.


Each spool contains 200 m.


The Madeira multi-color thread is available in the following colors:

2101 - pastel green, pastel blue, and pastel pink

2103 - blue, pale pink, and light green

2141 - red, green, orange, and blue (softer shades of these colors)

2142 - red, sky blue, and orange

2143 - green, orange, and lavender

2144 - brown, turquoise, and burnt orange

2145 - black, red, and gold

2146 - green, yellow, and blue

2147 - red, yellow, green, and blue