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Our custom heirloom bonnets are a wonderful addition to a day gown, christening, or heirloom dress ensemble. Each one is custom designed to complement the heirloom item it will accompany.

Our pricing is dependent on design elements such as choice of lace, pin tucks, puffing, or hand embroidery.  The addition of a double ruffle or fabric streamers will also affect the price.  There is a wide selection of bonnet styles from T-cap, horseshoe, bonnet with drawstring nape, and French bonnet.  The starting price is $95 and ranges up to $195.

The first step in ordering a bonnet with custom embroidery is to contact us for our current availability.    We welcome an opportunity to discuss design options with you by email, direct messaging, or by phone.  We look forward to assisting you in creating a custom heirloom bonnet.

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