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Button-on Suits

 Our classic heirloom button-on suits are a timeless choice for young boys.  The design choices are truly endless from tailored versions to ones with amazing lace work and other details.  Each one will be custom made to your specifications and to your child's measurements. 

Our pricing is dependent on lace and fabric choices and design elements such as pin tucks, puffing, lace work, and hand embroidery.  The starting price point of our heirloom button-on suits is $225 and will increase from there based on the above choices.  The average price for our custom button-on suit is $295. Our desire is to create the highest quality item using only the very best fabrics, French laces, and trims. and made to your child's measurements. 

The first step in ordering a button-on suit is to contact us for our current availability.  Next comes the selection of inspiration designs that will guide us in our design discussion, which can be done by email, direct messaging, or by phone.  We look forward to assisting you in creating a custom button-on suit.

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