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 Our precious, classic heirloom bubbles are the perfect choice for little ones and can easily be created in either a girl or boy version.  The design options are endless and may include pin tucks, puffing, hand embroidery, Swiss insertion, and beautiful French laces.  Please contact us to discuss a custom bubble for your sweet little one. 

Our pricing is dependent on lace and fabric choices and design elements such as pin tucks, puffing, lace work, and hand embroidery.  The starting price point of our heirloom bubbles is $195 and will increase from there based on the above choices.  Our desire is to create the highest quality item using only the very best fabrics, French laces, and trims.  

The first step in ordering a bubble is to contact us for our current availability.  Next, sending images of designs that you like will help in a design discussion.  These design discussions can be done through email or direct messaging, but by phone is preferred, and can be scheduled via the home page.  We look forward to assisting you in creating a custom bubble.

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