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Christening Gowns

 Classic and timeless, our christening gowns without question are designed for this generation and with the next in mind.  We follow traditional French hand sewn techniques including hand roll and whipping, French seams, and custom hand embroidery.  Design elements such as puffing, pin tucks, Swiss embroideries, hand embroidery, and lace work can be incorporated in our custom designs to create a one of kind creation to be treasured for generations.

Our pricing is dependent on lace and fabric choices and design elements such as pin tucks, puffing, lace work, and hand embroidery.  The starting price point of our heirloom christening gown is $750 and will increase from there based on the above choices.  The average price for our christening gowns is $950.  Our desire is to create the highest quality item using only the very best Swiss batiste, French laces, and trims.  Hours of hand work go into each item to create a beautifully crafted christening gown.

The first step in ordering an heirloom christening gown is to contact us for our current availability.  Next, sending images of designs that you like will help in a design discussion, which can be completed through email or direct messaging, but by phone is preferred.  You can be schedule a design meeting via the home page.  We look forward to assisting you in creating a custom heirloom christening gown.

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