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French Maline Lace in Square Pattern

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

French Maline Lace

In the past few months, I have been working more and more with this beautiful French Maline lace in a “square” pattern. It is stunning on boy suits because of its geometric pattern and it pairs beautifully with most other French Malines.

On the button-on suit pictured above, I paired the French Maline “square” pattern with the narrowest French Maline insertion in the “crown” pattern. The 5/8” insertion is shaped to follow the curve of the collar and entredeux is then whipped to the insertion. The 5/8” French Maline edging is gathered around the collar as well as the sleeve cuff.

Heirloom Bonnet

For the bonnet pictured below, I paired the French Maline “square” pattern with Spanish lace and the French Maline “crown” edging. This bonnet was made to coordinate with the christening gown below:

For the button-on suit with a round collar, I also used the French Maline lace. On the collar, the “square” 5/8” insertion was used on either side of the puffing and down the shirt front. The 1” edging was gathered around the collar with the smaller 5/8’ edging on the sleeves.This versatile lace pairs beautifully with many laces from other French Malines to French Valenciennes laces to Spanish Cluny laces.


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